Who are we?

About us


The history of RHR Group is, first and foremost, one of a family with strong values and work ethics as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s the story of a seamless and successful generational transition that brings out the best of every family member. It’s a story of growth and evolution in which a small enterprise from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu transforms into a leader and specialist of the building envelope in Canada.

2020 ….

Many organizational changes lead to the company having now more than 130 employees. Various expansions and relocations lead to a space of over 22,000 m² and logistics and equipment are now fully controlled by the company. Staff training and development, innovation, and new technology integration remain part of the family legacy started almost 50 years ago.


In 2004, Marco, Stephan and Karl officially took over Revêtement RHR Inc.; each brother managing their own business unit. Stephan is president of Panneaux 3D that makes aluminum panels, Karl is president of the real estate firm and Marco manages the construction unit.


Marco Doucet, current chairman of RHR Group Inc., took his first steps in the family business while still a student. Starting on the worksite, Marco slowly made his way up the ladder to become foreman and then project manager. Through his desire to learn, his leadership and his tenacity, he was able to carve himself a role in the company. His two brothers would do the same.


Claude Doucet founded Revêtement RHR Inc. in 1974 with Marcel Rheault and Alfred Lafrance as associates. Relentless worker and a visionary in the field, Claude Doucet took over the company that had until then concentrated its activities in the residential market. Working from home, the man inspired his sons, Stephan, Carl and Marco, who would soon follow their committed, optimistic and ambitious father. Together, they committed to the family business by getting their certificate of qualification as tinsmiths and the story would continue.

2022 Distinction Award - Promenades St-Bruno Market

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What defines us

Our Mission, our Vision
and our values


The pleasure of uniting to build!

RHR GROUP INC. delivers quality projects. It is the essence of our service offer; it is what allows to preserve the respect and trust of our clients. To reach this goal, we rely on the strength of our teams, both on site and in office, who aim for a common goal and objectives of performance and delivery. At RHR Group, having pleasure while working as a family are key to the success of the projects we deliver.


Performing as a Leader of our industry

We measure the level of our success by the growth of our sales, by the level of expansion of our our presence in our sectors of activity and by the maintaining and improvement of the performance of the projects we complete. 

We seek to control all phases of the projects we undertake and deliver the highest level of value to our customers. We aim for excellence in everything we undertake as well as safety and support for all our employees.


The values ​​that unite us


Collaboration is the foundation of any success we achieve. The sum of all the capacity each and every member of our teams provides is the source of everything we deliver.


Respect for ourselves, for our colleagues, for our trade, for the materials we use, for our clients and suppliers… We strive to seek the best of everyone and of everything in order to reach and surpass our objectives while respecting the limits and capacities of all.


We value the engagement of all our resources. We commit to always providing the best of ourselves, recognizing the capacity and limits of our teams and creating the conditions required for them to be able to perform in a save and innovative way, making them proud of what they can achieve within our group.


We take all of our accomplishments to heart and put the required measures in place to allow our continuous improvement. We set organizational, social and financial objectives that make sense and encourage each of our employees to seek their individual betterment.



The variety of our products, the experience of our workforce, and the visionary spirit of our management team is what distinguish us from our competitors. It also explains why RHR Group is invited to bid on most large projects as a strategic partner and a leading player in the development of tomorrow’s urban landscape. Certified ISO 9001-2015 and counting on an experienced team, RHR Group has received numerous awards and accolades.

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